Our goal is to partner with you and support your child’s early development in the preschool years and in doing so meet all the goals you seek for your child to reach. Our everyday interactions and lessons will guide students to learn to make appropriate choices. In doing varied activities and lessons each day, we will begin the process of molding students into being the best little people they can possibly be. There are seven general areas of development that our curriculum will be based upon.


Cognitive Development:

Our goal is to create students that are curious, desire to explore, and aren’t afraid to tackle a problem. Age-appropriate successes and failures will drive students to keep learning. We generally employ the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) areas of learning in all lessons.

Social Development:

This kind of development is perhaps that most difficult to teach; however, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a group of students playing together cooperatively. All encounters with other students are teaching opportunities that will be seized at CCA.

Emotional Development:

Together with social development is emotional development--students must feel loved and trust their caregivers. Loving caregivers and positive role models are the norm at CCA. Our goal is to have students be able to express their emotions in words and be able to control their emotions, no matter how intense they may be feeling. Ultimately, we want students to recognize other people’s emotions as well as have a positive image of themselves.

Motor Skill Development (Large and Small):

Physical development is key to living a successful life. Large (gross) motor skill development encompasses activities that develop stamina, strength, positive body image, and general healthy lifestyle choices. Small (fine) motor skill development focuses on activities that are setting up student’s hands and fingers to be strong instruments for writing.

Language Development:

Both written and spoken language fall into this category of development. Reading, writing, singing, dancing, interacting, listening, mimicking, vocabulary expansion--these are all parts of language development. We explore both English and Spanish as part of our everyday curriculum.

Creativity Development:

We at the Clemson Creative Academy believe that the arts, music, creative movement, role playing, and other creative components of our world are integral parts of a well-rounded individual.

Parent/Guardian Involvement

Parents/guardians are the best role models that children have. Clemson Creative Academy feels so strongly about this that we offer parenting classes to teach you the techniques that are being used with your students every day so that you can strive to apply similar techniques at home. The more consistency of interaction that a student can have, the more likely well-rounded students be created.

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